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The Last House On The Left by DiffrentDrumr
The Last Starfighter by john_48083
Logan's Run by john_48083
The Lord Of The Rings The Fellowship Of The Ring by starblazer
Labyrinth [Scan] by tyson
Little Fockers by john_48083
Last Action Hero by john_48083
Lion King by john_48083
Lonesome Dove by HC Emissary
Logan's Run by tyson
Last Exit To Brooklyn by DiffrentDrumr
Letters to Juliet by john_48083
Lady and the Tramp by DiffrentDrumr
Lady and the Tramp by john_48083
Like Crazy by MakinaG
The Lion King 2 by john_48083
Les Miserables in Concert 25th Anniversary by DiffrentDrumr
Love Never Dies by DiffrentDrumr
Long Kiss Goodnight, The by john_48083
Lost in Space by john_48083
Lorax, The by john_48083
Lockout by john_48083
Lady and the Tramp II by john_48083
Last Action Hero by DiffrentDrumr
Little Shop Of Horors by DiffrentDrumr
The Lincoln Lawyer by john_48083
Lawless (Sans loi) by Jazzy
Lost Boys Trilogy by john_48083
Lost Girl Season 2 by john_48083
Lost Girl Season 1 by john_48083
Latte Days by john_48083
Life Of Pi by DiffrentDrumr
Les Miserables by DiffrentDrumr
Lincoln by tyson
Les Miserables by tyson
Life Of Pi by tyson
Les Miserables by tyson
Lethal Weapon Collection by john_48083
Lords of Salem by barfly
Lilo and Stitch - 2 Movie Collection by john_48083
Liar Liar by john_48083
Lifeforce by tyson
Law Abiding Citizen by john_48083
The Lion King 1.5 by starblazer
The Lion King 2 Simba's Pride by starblazer
The lone ranger by barfly
Life as we know it by tyson
The LIttle Mermaid by john_48083
The LIttle Mermaid II and III by john_48083
Lost Girl Season 3 by john_48083
The Last Ride by john_48083
The Lone Ranger by john_48083
The last day on Mars by barfly
The Longest Day by topmeasure
Lone Survivor by tyson
Lovelace by tyson
Le bal des casse-pieds (1992) by Jazzy
La chèvre (1981) by Jazzy
Le chemin des écoliers (1959) by Jazzy
The Legend Of Hercules 3D by tyson
The Lazarus Effect by MakinaGraphics!
Limitless by john_48083
The Last Ship S01 by john_48083
Lucy by john_48083
The Little Mermaid by tyson
The Life Before Her Eyes (2008) by BabyGirl21
Land of the Dead (2005) by BabyGirl21
Looney Tunes Back In Action by titandeejay
Last Vegas by titandeejay
Love & Mercy by tyson
Love Happens by tyson
Last Man Standing & The Last Boy Scout by tyson
Logan by tyson
The Last Samurai by DiffrentDrumr
The Lego Ninjago Movie by titandeejay
Legally Blonde by RobertM53
Le sens de la fête by Jazzy
The Lives of Others by RobertM53