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post May 10 2006, 06:29 PM
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All HiRes designers

**Please read, before uploading to the galleries**

1. Covers and Labels MUST be of high quality, and 300dpi.

2. A scan with minor improvements is still a scan and should be uploaded to the Scan Section - NOT the Custom Section.

3. We have strict rules on the size of your uploads, don't forget to check them here. (Bottom of post)

4. Do not download a cover and make slight changes to it, unless you have had permission from the original creator.

5. Be considerate when using other artwork as inspiration for your own. It is OK to be inspired by other designs, but please always mention where you got that inspiration from. If a designer sees some artwork that you have made, that so closely resembles their own, it could make them feel cheated out of the credit they deserve for their creativity.

6. Uploads must be placed in the appropriate gallery. I.e.Labels/DVD Covers/BluRay. Type the full title (only) of the DVD in the title field, any other info will be in the description field. Keywords that will help with the search function go in the keywords field (Example: The title has 7 in it put seven in the keywords also).

7. If you are uploading somebody else's work, DO NOT take credit for it. If the author is unknown, then please state that. If it is a Scan, SAY SO! If you do know the original author, please put their name as the creator. If the original author sees his/her work displayed here that has been uploaded by another member, and requests it to be removed, it will be immediately. Uploads of other peoples work, without appropriate credit given (i.e unknown or the creators name) will not be allowed. It is at our discretion whether we allow work to be uploaded that you have not created. The only time it is generally acceptable is if you are uploading a title that is not already in the gallery, for reasons such as filling requests.

8. If you see a cover that you made, and someone else has uploaded, but hasn't given you your credit for, or you find a dupe, please report that in the "Dupes & Errors" forum, providing some detail so it can be corrected. The correct way to post a link is: "http://www.hirescovers.net/gallery/displayimage.php?pos=-xxxx" and not: "http://www.hirescovers.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=xx&pos=xx" as it says in the address field in your browser (replace 'x' with actual picture id). If you don't see that information below the big thumbnail, click on the "I" button to hide/show detailed information about the picture.

9. Rejected covers/labels will be displayed in the 'Rejected Submissions' album. Reasons for rejections are normally due to low quality images/poor scans/incorrect dimensions/blurry images/center holes on labels. If you read and abide by these rules, your upload will not be rejected. Rejections are not about personal taste, but overall quality. Uploads are looked over one by one. So you will be helping the staff, and the members, by sticking to these rules.

10. Updated images. Please use the 'Replace File' link on your image to update your image. Do not upload duplicates to the gallery.

11. Images containing any obscenity, p0rn0graphy, or any other material deemed inappropriate, will be rejected. This includes web addresses or logos of websites deemed inappropriate by site staff, including other cover websites.

12. Uploads will be rejected for incorrect dimensions, poor quality, images stretched out of proportion, incorrect movie information (including credits, web addresses, running times, logos etc), typos (including spelling and grammar mistakes), illegible text. These are the main reasons for rejections. Any rejected image will have an explanation on why it has been rejected. If you are unsure on how to fix the issue(s), please post it in the WIP forum. Once you have finished editing your image, please use the 'replace file' from the gallery to update. Your cover will then be resubmitted for approval.

13. Labels must be custom work, and of valid titles. Made up combo titles will be rejected. Scanned labels and/or labels with a center hole will also be rejected.

14. Files must be a maximum of 10 MB each. If you are using Photoshop, please remember to 'Save For Web' at a quality of 80%. This will give you the maximum quality visibly, and remove unnecessary data that creates large files.


1. Studio art should be uploaded to the appropriate album. For example, if you have posters/screen shots/wallpapers for Eragon, then it must be uploaded to the Eragon Album. If the album you require does not exist, please PM me. If you have multiple movie art to upload, then just send me a list, so I can add the appropriate albums.

2. Resources must be of high quality. The minimum dimension we will allow is 1000x**** (For example 1600x1000 is ok, but 600x1000 is not) They must be large enough to be used on a dvd cover, without being stretched or enlarged. When uploading posters, please bear in mind that standard cover sizes are 3240x2175 @ 300dpi, therefore must be large enough to be integrated on a cover.

3. There is a 10 meg per file size limit and 12000px max.

4. General upload rules from the Movie Gallery apply to the Resource gallery.

To upload console art, please visit the appropriate gallery (i.e PS3) and create a new thread. The normal upload rules apply to this gallery, with the exception of the categories. When uploading a cover or label, please specify if the upload is for pal or ntsc, and if it is a cover or label. For example:

Topic Title: Colin Mcrae Dirt Cover
Topic Description: xbox 360, pal

This way members can see a full description of the file, without having to click into the post. Any upload that does not conform to the site rules will be removed without warning.

** Persistent failure to abide by these rules will result in a warning. Further warnings will result in a ban from the gallery.**

Reference list of current case sizes for sizing covers prior to upload or creating new customs to the correct dimensions.

Standard DVD Cases

Single Amaray = 3240 x 2175 (170 spine)
Double Amaray = 3305 x 2175 (235 spine)
Triple Amaray = 3384 x 2175 (314 spine)
4-5 Disk Alpha = 3508 x 2175 (438 spine)
6-7 Disk Alpha = 3661 x 2175 (591 spine)
14 Disc Generic = 3590 x 2175 (520 spine)

Slim DVD Cases

ThinPak Single = 3150 x 2175 (80 spine)
ThinPak Double = 3180 x 2175 (110 spine)
Slimcase 3-4 = 3240 x 2175 (170 spine)
Slimcase 5-6 = 3370 x 2175 (300 spine)
Slimcase 8 = 3395 X 2175 (325 spine)
Slimcase 10 = 3460 X 2175 (390 spine)
Slimcase 12 = 3520 x 2175 (450 spine)

Blu Ray Cases

3106x1748 (59 spine) (1,2 Disc) Viva Elite 6mm Slim Case
3118x1748 (143 spine) (1,2,3 Disc) Viva Elite 12.5mm Case (US Standard)
3142x1748 (165 spine) (4,5,6 Disc) Viva Elite 15mm Case
3260x1748 (284 Spine) (7,8,9,10 Disc) Viva Elite 25mm Case

3173x1762 (127px spine) Vortex 11mm Case (Europe Standard)
3234x1762 (186 spine) (3,4 Disc) Vortex 15mm Case
3305x1762 (257 spine) (3,4,5,6 Disc) Vortex 22mm Case

3555x1748 (250 spine) (6,8,10,12 Disc) Amaray Megapack 44mm Case

3240x1900 (170 spine) Scanavo 14mm Case (Criterion Standard)
3335x1900 (170 spine) Scanavo 22mm Case

Other Generic Cases

3114x1762 (60 spine 6mm slim) (1-2 Disc)

3190x 1762 (146 spine 14mm) (4,5,6 Disc)
3206x 1762 (170 spine 15mm) (4,5,6 Disc)
3216x 1762 (177 spine 15mm) (4,5,6 Disc)

3165x1748 (143 spine 14mm) (4,5,6 Disc)
3154x1748 (177 spine 15mm) (4,5,6 Disc)
3189x1748 (167 spine 15mm) (4,5,6 Disc)


Label = Min : 1400 x 1400 Max : 1600 x 1600
DVD Insert = 1450 x 2150

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post Nov 9 2008, 04:22 PM
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My Favorite Cover Designer:
All HiRes designers

Please note the album list in the cover gallery. Many members are uploading DVD covers and DVD labels to the Blu-ray galleries. Can you please make sure your covers and labels are uploaded to the correct galleries.

Custom DVD Covers
Custom made Amaray, Alpha, ThinPak and Slimcase DVD Covers only. Not for Bluray covers.
DVD Labels & Inserts Custom made DVD Labels and inserts only. Not for Bluray or scanned labels.
Blu-ray / HD DVD Covers Custom and Scanned Bluray / HD DVD covers ONLY. Not for any other types of covers.
Blu-ray / HD DVD Labels Custom Bluray / HD DVD labels only. Not for any other labels.
Scanned DVD Covers Scanned DVD covers only, for all sized Amaray, Alpha, ThinPak and Slimcase scanned covers.

Aslo, please remember that a movie beginning with 'A' or 'The' should not be uploaded to the A or T albums respectively. For example, if you uplaod a DVD cover for 'The Great Escape' it should be uploaded to Custom DVD Covers/G, not Custom DVD Covers/T album.

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